Carrying Forward his Dream

Mike passed away on April 26, 2007 at the age of 21. He had many dreams and aspirations he was unable to carry out. Mike’s biggest dreams were to become a paramedic as well as an EMT instructor, which he had already begun to do.

In Mike’s short life he touched and inspired many people through his perseverance, vision, dedication and intense work ethic. To carry forward his dream of educating others in the field of Emergency Medical Services, the Michael J. EMS Scholarship Foundation was established to provide monetary support for those wishing to become an EMT or paramedic. In this way, Michael can continue his goal of helping others even after his death.

Mission Statement

To support Emergency Medical Services by finding intelligent, hardworking, and dedicated individuals who have the energy and enthusiasm for their work as well as a drive for continuing their education.

Foundation Objectives

1.) Grant scholarships each year to individuals emulating Michael’s character traits of work ethic, dedication, energy, and enthusiasm, who wish to attend school to become Paramedics.

2.) Raise funds to support these scholarships through events that bring recognition to the field of Emergency Medical Services as well as bringing the community together.